Monday, June 6, 2011

Two things to keep in mind...

...if you don't want your computer to be an expensive brick. These may be obvious to most of you, but sadly, I've seen people fall for this crap far too many times. 

  1. Don't EVER delete your /system 32 folder. Its not a virus, its a folder that is vital to executing the most basic of functions on your PC. People will tell you deleting it will make your computer do this or that, when it makes your computer do nothing, ever again.
  2. Never ever ever rub magnets on your hard drive. I don't even understand why people think this would work. It completely destroys all data and turns your HDD into a $200 brick, with pretty much no way to recover anything on it. 
When people ask me what they did wrong, I almost cry.


  1. Nah man its all a conspiracy!! it really does make it faster! :)