Wednesday, June 8, 2011

E3 2011 (Microsoft) Opinion

Well I finally had some extra time to sit down and watch E3 ( I know, I'm like 3 days late on the E3 blog posts). The only part I got to watch completely so far was Xbox's kind of embarrassing last attempt to stay alive. Don't get me wrong, I'm Pro-Microsoft all the way, and I'm not even really an xbox hater (although you could call me a Sony fan boy at times). But their press conference was like an hour and a half of "BUY THE GODDAMN KINNNNNNNEEEEECTTTT.... oh and more sequels!". I can't really compare their skits with terrible actors playing football, or a really boring woman playing golf, or even the creepy children doing god knows what to any of the other conferences yet, but if all 3 major companies are that lame, I will be severely dissapointed.

Now, I really didn't hate everything I saw from Microsoft. Truth be told I was really impressed by the advances they've made with the kinect. The ability to make your avatar look exactly like you, down to your clothes and hairstyle, was pretty cool, and they also impressed me by being able to scan random objects and play as them in game. The coolest thing was probably the addition of finger recognition. The guy doing the demo was drawing with his finger, except he was drawing in literally three dimensions (not just a 3d representation of a drawing), and when he made a gesture he could change the perspective of the camera slightly to see where he had drawn behind himself.

After watching all the kinect hubub, I thought to myself, "would I buy this?", and I had to say no. I've never been a big fan of motion gaming. Buttons allow you to do many more things, simultaneously. Its like the difference in playing gran turismo 5, or flailing your arms and stomping your foot at the screen. The selection of games looked a little lame as well, except for star wars. I love star wars. But really, why do we need more games like Wii Sports? Also, when the kinect was first announced, its capabilities were extremely exaggerated. I still haven't really seen anything that could recognize your emotions, or carry on a conversation, so who knows what this update is going to actually do. 

My final complaint ( I really don't hate MS this much, I just REALLY hated their press conference) is about what a new and revolutionary product the kinect is...

Remember this guy??

Yeah, the kinect is just a souped up version of the eye toy that sony made, which I'm sure sony ripped off from somebody else. Instead of having Dance Kinect, you had DDR where you could wave your arms and look like even more of a moron than if you were just playing DDR. OK, I'm done bitching now... Instead of just listening to me, you can check the conference out for yourself, streaming here: Microsoft E3 2011 Press Conference Video


  1. I like your take on "buy the goddamn kinect" lol.

    The Kinect though does not appeal to me nor does it appeal to most of my gamer friends. Most of the people I know who have the Kinect are not really gamers. They only have Xbox for Kinect stuff.

  2. microsoft's conference was dissapointing for sure.

  3. I thought the Microsoft conference was terrible, and it really bummed me out about the future of my 360. I've played the Kinect for 5-7 hours, and it's awful... it has no fidelity passed mini-games or on-rails junk. Give me real games that use a real controller.

  4. Thats exactly what I mean, controller games are far superior. One of my friends did have a decent argument though, he said everybody who bought a kinect was complaining because they haven't made any games for it, and they were supporting the people who supported them.