Monday, June 6, 2011

Another tip to revitalize your lame computer

Wow! tons of new followers and page views, thats awesome. I thought I'd celebrate with another post and another tip on a bit of freeware I use all the time. Its pretty commonly known about, but not enough people actually use it.

Ccleaner (a free program which can be downloaded from that link), has saved my computers from dwindling away for years, and offers enough versatility to satisfy everyone from the 1337 to the barely literate. It can do anything from simple clean up of clutter on your hard drive, to a full guttman when the FBI is knocking on your after you downloaded that Metallica album (however for that I recommend you use DBAN).

People try to make you pay absurd amounts of money to get rid of spyware and things of the like, while in reality the programs do a B- job at best, and actually ADD SPYWARE to your computer to make you think you need to keep paying for their product. Ccleaner does a better job then almost all of the rest, while being available 100% free. On top of just cleaning up malware and unnecessary files, Ccleaner can manage uninstallation of files, wipe over your free space, and fix registry errors. In my opinion one of the best tools you can use to keep that PC running for years.

I personally support all sorts of freeware and GNU programs so I like to give them a little credit on the interwebs. The whole point of these posts is to give credit where credit is due, while making the software more available and known.

As for all the new followers and such, Ill be re-vamping the blog soon. Meaning but not limited to, full layout redesign, logos, fun stuffs, more organization, and just a much less template-y look. I wasn't sure If i was actually going to edit the HTML, out of laziness, but I guess if there is an interest, I'll have to.  Also should be bringing more bloggers onto the team soon so I can facilitate the whole process with all the topics we hope to cover here. again, till next time



  1. Nice post! I've never heard of that program until now. Thanks!

  2. Oh man nice tool, made my computer easier for when I have to do that one thing.

  3. I use this almost all the time when my parents ask me to "make it work again". Works like a charm.

  4. Great tips, i think everyone should be reading this

  5. I'm seriously going to give this a try on my old PC right now. Thanks.

  6. Don't forget to make a registry backup when cleaning up your registry, in case crap goes down! :D