Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Final Fantasy is pretty much dead

Just a little rant this time, about one of my favorite video game series, well, pretty much ever. The Final Fantasy series seems to be lacking nowadays in everything they used to bring to the table. The decline seemed to start with XII, even that game wasn't really bad. Overall I found FFXII to be pretty enjoyable, albeit a much less satisfying experience than the previous non MMO or sequel title, FFX. XII lacked any sort of story that you could find yourself relating to, a quality that had sparked my interest in RPG's in general. Now, looking at the newer titles such as XIII and the disaster that is FFXIV, I realise that the series is on its last limb.

Thats all I can bear to say about that for now, but I plan on posting a bit more soon. I've been busy with all sorts of ventures, and my blog has been suffering because of it. Thanks for all the support of my readers, I hope you continue to read the stupid stuff I have to say, and I apologise for the neglect that is obvious In my blog currently.



  1. I like to read your blog, but i know how hard it can be to post. Life gets busy sometimes. Keep up the hard work!

  2. I never played any FF games D: